Series 2 - Episode 13 - Mogwai & Metallica

Our alphabetical podcast wanderings take us somewhere nice to the letter M so this time we're discussing Scottish post rock legends Mogwai & Bay Area thrash titans Metallica. As usual we can never stay on topic for long so we'll be also be talking about somnambulistic documentaries, the pinnacle of all human achievement and more Husker Du comparisons than you'd expect.

Listen to all available songs in full here -

Didn't have time to say it in the episode (cos this one's BLOODY LONG!) but next episode is our best of 2018 end of year special, where we'll be counting down our top 30 tracks of the year. As with last year we're running a competition for people to guess the top 5 (or as close as they can). Here's a link to the spotify playlist of our 30 chosen tracks in alphabetical order. let us know on twitter, facebook or in the comments on the website page what your predictions are and the closest answer gets free music! Closing date is 9am on Sunday 23rd December -