Series 1 - Episode 0 - Last/First/Best/Worst

This week it's our first ever episode so to get to know Colin, Tracey and Ian we'll be
discussing our best/worst/last/first albums and gigs including discussions about the
advantages of leather jackets in moshpits, Tracey's embarrassing easy listening past,
whether 3rd rate Nu-Metallers Disturbed are an elaborate joke and how playing The Cure at
high volume can stop co-workers from bothering you on valentines day.
Bands featured in this episode include The Cure, Refused, Blink 182, The Damned, Kings Of
Leon, Avenged Sevenfold, Dean Friedman, Jenny Lewis, Bruce Dickinson, Oathbreaker,
July Skies, Teenage Fanclub and loads more.

Listen to (Most of) the songs in full here -